In case I lost you, the real question I'm asking here explores how the user experience within architecture and the built environment can be more similar to the user experience of driving a high performance automobile (with respect to the experience of high technology, the sensation of speed, and the maximized spatial experience of the user).  Additionally, how can architecture as a system be designed in a similar manner to that of a high performance automobile to not only ensure this experience, but to simultaneously provide the built environment with an opportunity to become the best, most efficient version of itself.

"Of course, many architects can simply merge architecture with technology to make a building work, but few can fuse the two together to allow the rest of their design efforts to make their building a beautiful and meaningful experience."
-Maria Lorena Lehman

Lehman, Maria Lorena. Bringing Architecture to the Next Level. Medford, Massachusetts: MLL DESIGN LAB, LLC, 2010. Pg 18.
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The Experience THROUGH THE SITE:

Highway Sketch.jpg

Portraying movement through still form

Using Rhythm, Repetition, and Layers derived from the movements and sounds of automobiles.
Insipration for the following sketches is derived from the research and images of people like Etienne Jules Marey.