Indulge, and Enjoy.

                                                                            Main Stage area during the day with a blank screen and empty space for the public.

                                                                                                      Main Stage area during a large-scale rave or show.

                                                                                24-hour publicly-accessible Gallery Space during a typical "Best-Coast" sunset.

                                                                                                 24-hour publicly-accessible Gallery space during mid-day.

Structural and Technological details

Piezoelectric flooring systems absorb energy that is otherwise lost through heat, shock, and vibrations, and redirects that energy to be utilized elsewhere in the building as a power source - just like a KERS system in a Formula 1 racecar.  Transparent solar panels allow for both the highly efficient utilization of AND the enjoyment of that sweet golden California sunshine.  The flexible structural systems and connections I have designed/proposed offer both durability and flexibility in building form for both use and for seismic conditions, so this place could be a safe-haven in the event of an earthquake.  Digital and water graffiti boards as well as glow-skating offer an experience within and around the concert venue that encourages creativity and the exploration of new territories.

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                                                                                                                        Exploded Structural Axonometric

                                                           Structural Diagrams.

                                                                               Concert Venue Skate Spot during the day.