“Achieving true design is more than just erecting new forms that work, it is also about designing environments that are humane and lift the human spirit.”
- Maria Lorena Lehman
Lehman, Maria Lorena. Bringing Architecture to the Next Level. Medford, Massachusetts: MLL DESIGN LAB, LLC, 2010. Pg 18.
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If the model proves successful, those principles can be applied to other programs and contexts, ultimately creating a more efficient, interactive and friendly architectural experience globally.

Program Overview

Taking cues from the existing community, I have determined that an appropriate program for my site is something that will accentuate and encourage the development of the arts while still catering to the surrounding cultural atmosphere; this spot needs a venue with both interior and exterior components, nodes for street artists/performers to set up, areas graffiti artists can claim as their own, and some sort of an indoor concert venue.  I would like to explore forming spaces and architecture around one of the most prominent cultural features of the Greater Los Angeles Area (and specifically Santa Monica): Skateboarding.  This block will become a hybrid of existing structures, landscape urbanism, and automotive inspired technologies.

Car Sketch.png

Program Components

I researched the size, layout, and make-up of around a dozen of the concert venues I have been to myself around the United States.  This helped inform me of some of the components/constraints that will be necessary in my developing design proposal.  These components and constraints include (but may not be limited to):

  • Main Dance Floor/Skating Area
  • Main Stage
  • (Secondary stages/nodes/skating areas, similar to the set up of music festivals?)
  • Back of House/Backstage Storage (Accessible Only by Authorized Personnel)
  • Lobby
  • Lofted/Mezzanine Spaces (Utilizing Levels)
  • Multiple Bars or Lounge Spaces
  • Back of House Spaces for Bars
  • V.I.P. Lounge Space
  • Outdoor Patio/Rooftop Space
  • (Office Spaces?  For managers and Staff)
  • More Obvious Things like Fire Exits, Circulation, and Restrooms
  • Will Call Space/Ticket Window
         - Not entirely necessary, but definitely helpful.
  • High Ceilings (At Least 30 feet is fairly standard and ideal) and Scaffolding/Catwalks for Lighting.