Existing Establishments to keep?

There are a handful of establishments on the existing block, some of which are more successful than others; but in order to ensure maximum potential for the program I will be introducing, I will keep a few of the more successful establishments and wipe the rest of the site to a clean canvas.  I will keep the Shore Hotel, the Santa Monica General Assembly (as well as the building is wraps, currently inhabited by Hertz Investment Group), and most of the Bryan Center.  Taking deconstructive cues from the neighborhood (influenced by Lebbeus Woods), I will cut a passageway through the center of the Bryan Center for passage through.

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The Ultimate Goal?

The ultimate goal is to take the energy peaking at the edges of the site and inverse it to the center of the site (and if not inverse, then plateau the energy) in order to maximize the experience potential within the constraints of the site.

Section Sketch 1.jpg
Section Sketch 2.jpg


By diagramming a high-performance automobile in section, spatial qualities and connectivities spark interesting ideas (in section).


Initial form sketches

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coming back around

The next step involves looking back to earlier research to re-evaluate paths of travel and the opportunity to provide "nodes".



These initial concept models explore how movement can be shown through form.
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